Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trying harder and harder to forget her
The memories flood in
They push their way through
Her laugh, her smile, her scent, her touch, her kisses--that took you to another place
They become more and more real
They invade your mind, they swim through your thoughts, they pound on your heart, and your stomach--that aching

Buried behind everything you do are memories of her...and you
Buried behind everything you do is the beautifully haunting face of the one who slipped through your fingers like a cool breeze gliding through a tree
All the things that remind you of her
All the little things you want to tell her

Shes the first face you see when you clasp your hands to pray
When your wings begin to tatter
When your world spins so fast you lose your step
You scream so loud into the pillow
but the smell of her hair is not enough

Saturday, June 22, 2013

One day, she walked away, without warning
Quickly and quietly
They wondered why, they wondered where
She left behind only a cloud of dust
Her well ran dry, she folded her hand, she bowed out
Enough had finally arrived
She left quickly and quietly
They wondered why, they wondered where 
She walked away 
Out of a gray fog
Her heart started beating 
And she began living

Monday, April 22, 2013

she walked into your world
you came to life
you were never the same
you curse the day you met her
but you wouldn't change a thing 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To be alive is to hurt
To be human is to feel pain 
Beauty and tragedy in life are the same 
The only way to not hurt, is to not feel
To live life in a dream, where nothing is real
What's behind your smile? 
Joy that lasts for only for awhile?
What's behind your laughter?
Is nothing really the matter? 
We hurt for the things we can't control
This means we have a heart and soul
To be alive is to hurt
To be human is to feel pain 
Beauty and tragedy in life are the same 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Every once in a moon that is blue
I walk to the ocean shore and wait for you
Brought together for but a moment in time
We drifted apart for no reason or rhyme

Fate has its ways of guiding our paths
With sharp twists and turns that happen so fast
An enchanting love story we once shared
Together our lives seemed perfectly paired

As the tides roll in splashing tiny pieces of sand
I dream of the day when you held my hand
But as I stare into the sky so black
I realize I don't need you back

I lie down by the shore for only moments it seems
and my mind slips into colorful dreams
I am awakened to the light of day;
To the sound of strangers passing by the bay

A tall, dark figure in the distance I see
This mysterious figure is moving toward me
And I ask myself, "Could it be?"

Friday, May 25, 2012

It was just another hour It was just another day
Until fate designed a crafty plan
Now they'll never be the same

A single thought and word lead to action
As they wrestle against this deep attraction
Their fire burns into the night
and they begin to lose the fight

Nature had a stronger will
Strong enough to make time stand still
What a cruel joke for fate to play
Uniting two souls without a chance or a way

Now they stare into the same black sky
Another day has passed them by

Monday, October 3, 2011

With all the wasted tears we cry We just let time pass us by

Too busy searching for so much more
We miss what's knocking at our door

Our here and now become yesterday
While bright skies turn to grey

Desperate for wounds to heal so fast
While desperately clinching to pain from the past

Our sorrow lingers on through the night
But dawn gives birth to the brightest light

That light brings hope and a brand new day
That light brings wholeness and healing our way

With healing comes joy and a fresh tomorrow
Bringing closure to the chapter of pain and sorrow